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My mom's group is having a GoogleHead Party...allthe kids are going to come dressed as GoogleHeads. I love that LB inspires such creativity in both kids & parents!

Sherilyn's Mama

Super Cool to see my baby girl as YOU (the first photo)!!!! If you only knew how often "YOU" are here, Laurie!! Thanks also for the special hug @ Oakland show last year...The photo of that hug was THE FIRST thing Sherilyn wanted to share (on Share Day) at Preschool.

A Daddy Blog

Laurie Berkner Band-related Halloween costumes... too cute! Our two year old is going as Little Bo Peep, this year, but maybe we'll get her a curly hair wig next year. Thanks for the smile... and all the great music. Our toddler loves you guys, and you make NickJr tolerable for this daddy. ;)

--Michael (adaddyblog.com)

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