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Cecelia Walsh

There's no wrong way. We always let Lizzy fall asleep with us in the evening and then put her to bed when we went to bed. Now she tells us to go to bed (that we're wasting energy by watching tv). She cracks me up.


I'm with Sandra on this one - each child has their own needs and I also have 3 very different girls. Each one co-slept as infants but have grown into their own methods for falling asleep. My oldest needed someone in the room until she was 7 or so, my middle would still crawl in bed with us if we let her and she's 9 but she sleeps independently too. My youngest is 3 and can't stand sleeping with anyone - she hasn't since she was a year old.

Unless someone else has a clone of my child, I can't see how they'd know what works and what doesn't with perfect accuracy. You know what you're doing works for you, for now. =)

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