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At our family Christmas parties, we all bring white elephant gifts (stuff around the house you don't need anymore or gag gifts, like a huge macrome owl that seems to resurface every year LOL) and one of the kids reads "The Right Family Christmas" story http://cubbobwhite.tripod.com/skits/skit37.htm
as we pass the gifts left and right according to the words in the story. It's so funny.

Another game we play is "Who Am I?" As I greet each person at the door, I put a piece of tape on their back with the name of a person, and they have to ask yes and no questions from the rest of the party guests to guess what name is one their backs. For Christmas, you could use words like: Santa, Jack Frost, The Elf from "Elf", Rudolf, Frosty the Snowman..." this is fun for all ages.

Happy Holidays!

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