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Ingrid Spies

Again I want to thank the Band and the music for helping my son. They truly did SAVE his life. While since meeting the band he has had a feeding tube put in for long term. BUT we still thank the band for saving Patrick's life.


Our little girl has developmental delays and didn't walk until she was 2. What got her to walk? She wanted to march along to "We Are The Dinosaurs!" We still sing that song a lot, and she loves to listen to all Laurie Berkner music and watch the video.

Gail Longo

On our hour long trips to and from NICU when Jackie was born, Victoria(18 mos) would watch NOTHING but your video in the car. Needless to say, we had every song memorized, and 3 years later have just ordered a second video to replace the first worn out, highly in demand video. The most popular in our home to date! Thank you, know that you are very important to a lot of little (and big) people!

gene shaner

My grandson and I enjoy the upbeat, fun, and educational songs you sing for Nick Jr. It always brings a smile to our faces.

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