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Jen M

My son is only 2 so this year we enjoyed making a gingerbread house (some of the candy actually made it on the house lol). We also love driving around to look at Christmas lights & snuggling up to watch The Grinch, which I love because it teaches that the holiday isn't just about getting gifts.


great card game for all ages!!!!
quick and so much fun. depending on how good the listening was that day we determine how many rounds there will be. the kids love it that we can play 10 rounds and it can be done in 15 minutes :)

Lauren R

We like to do a Santa bingo game! My son, my husband, and I sit down and put together small bingo boards (tic-tac-toe size) and in each square, we put something from our Christmas List. When we open our presents, we take note and mark off which ones we receive! The person who fills up the most of what they guessed wins a special prize that's wrapped and ready for the winner. :) It's fun and competitive. Usually the prize is something simple like cookies or snacks. :) That can be up to the family though. It's fun and different!

Lora Foster-Cave

A few weeks ago, I helped to organize a Chrismon making party at our church, to make the Chrismon ornaments for the church tree...and after everyone was done crafting their ornaments, and eating cookies and hot chocolate, we played some games. One that was a lot of fun, and I am definately planning to make a tradition in our family, was peanut butter pong! You have two slices of thick crusty bread, spread with peanut butter, and two tall plastic cups of pingpong balls (I believe we had 8 in each cup), and you play by putting one slice at each end of a long table..and taking turns bouncing the pingpong balls down the table and trying to get them to stick on the other persons pb'd bread. To make it a little more festive- I'm going to make little snowman faces on the pingpong balls with permanant marker! My son will be 3 this Christmas Eve, and we'll be having my parents over for his special birthday dinner. I think peanut butter pong will be a fun game for all of us to play at the dining room table when we're done. :)

Vanessa R

Advent calendars, reading of The Night Before Christmas (this is a fun White Elephant game too, pass the gift every time you hear THE) and we love to play Wii bowling :) just some silly fun with the family


We have a large wooden Advent house with treats tucked behind each door and window. Every night my 3-year-old finds the right number, then gets either a chocolate coin, a Lego brick, or a slip of paper telling him to do a special activity (watch "The Grinch", read a Xmas story, drink hot cocoa...) It's a nice reminder for us to slow down and enjoy the holiday season over the whole month, rather than just the few days leading up to Christmas!


We have a simple and fun Christmas family tradition. We pick one night right before Christmas, we order pizzas, pick up grandma and grandpa, and we drive around looking at Christmas lights!!! Everyone loves eating their favorite pizza while looking at all the cool lights around the local neighborhoods :)

Allison Leavitt

My family always does "Christmas Crackers" during christmas dinner. everyone can particiapte (big and small). You pull the strings and out pops hats, toys, and riddles or games. Its such a great bonding experience for all family members!

Tabitha DePaolo

Every year we pick the most popular game show of the year and turn it into a family event. One year we did "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"-- only it was "Who Wants to Win an Extra Christmas Present" We made all the questions both holiday trivia and family trivia (like who snores in their sleep, or who got straight A's in school.) Another year is was "Deal or No Deal" (with surprise gifts listed in envelopes, of course!) This year it will be "Minute to Win It" Even the youngest can play, and it is fun to personalize the games. :)

Kara Weber

Each year on Christmas eve whent he kids are sleeping I pack our breakfast in our wicker picnic basket, usually muffins or rolls something simple and easy. I also get out the wine glasses, and have Orange juice ready in the fridge. Then I spread a blanket out right at the base of our Christmas tree. Then set the glasses and basket out on the blanket. When the kids wake up the first thing we do is eat a breakfast picnic under the tree and read the Christmas story while we are eating. It is a special way to get the kids to eat, and remember why it is that we are celebrating Christmas before they rip into the presents.

Kara Weber

Each year we get out our guitars and have a sing along. We get all the small rhythm instruments out for the kids to play along. We also made dancing ribbon rings made out of shower curtian rings and plastic non stick tape you can find near the caution tape at the hardware store. Sing alongs are always more fun when you have something to dance with. We made ours with red white and green tape and even made up a song to go with them. We also made a whole set for my daughter's Kindergarten class for her teacher gift.
Feel free to use any photos or videos from the link above that you want.

We have also had our fans make them at our "Do Re Let's Play!" performances.

Sandy W.

Fun and Games is all we have at our house. My daughter is 3 and she loves, loves, LOVES to play Memory. I have made some Holiday Themed cards and we play, play, play. We have also been visiting our local library and checking out new Christmas books weekly and that is fun for everyone. The last thing we will do on Friday afternoon(Christmas Eve) is decorate cookies. Helps everyone get into the mood for all the family visitors that we expect. Everyone loves this and it seems to be the crowning touch to our holiday togetherness.

Tabitha DePaolo

On Christmas Eve, we all get together (a VERY BIG family) for dinner. After dinner, the karaoke machine comes out! Everyone has a great time singing crazy songs and dancing around. Then, everyone takes turns singing a Christmas carol. Anyone who sings receives an extra Christmas present. It gets everyone involved, even the smallest kids. Even those of us who can't sing in tune enjoy this activity!

Christine Penza

We love to wear fun, silly Christmas hats on Christmas while we open presents.

Kiersten Brown

Since my son is now old enough to participate, I have him color pictures to use as wrapping paper for the crayons we donate to hospitals for kids, as well as let him scribble a little on Holiday cards for family and friends. He loves to color and share with others, so he gets to have fun and cheer people up at the same time!

Nicole Hartle

We have a tradition that our family loves to do each year! On Christmas Eve we turn down the lights and so that only the Christmas lights are on ( which are really bright since we have a lot!) and turn on the Christmas music. We each get to open 1 gift...new cozy christmas pajamas! Then we all get in our pj's, get into the car with our snuggly blankets, turn on Christmas songs, and head out to see the neighborhoods with wonderful Christmas light displays! Don't forget the eggnog! I've done this since I was little and it is so great to carry the tradition on with my husband and sons who are 4 and 1. The whole family loves it and it's the cutest thing to hear the boys excitement as they see all the wonderful Christmas displays! And even more fun to hear their excitement about the next morning!

Elizabeth R

After dinner on Christmas our entire family gathers around the table for Christmas bingo. We have special bingo cards that show pictures of Christmastime elements (Frosty, Santa, etc) instead of numbers. This way kids of all ages can play even if they don't know their numbers. We even have a basket of prizes that the winners can pick from. Usually we play until everyone has won or if we run out of prizes. The kids love it (and so do the adults). This game allows all of us to come together and have fun! It has become a tradition in our home and one that everyone looks forward to. The kids have even asked to play on Thanksgiving and Easter too. Maybe it will become a tradition in your home...enjoy!!

Sally F.

Taking last years Holiday cards, cut them out and lay them on the pattern cutout of a placemat. Add a few photo's of children or family members,add the year, name of designer, cover both the front and the back with clear contact paper.Do that really well if it's to last ! Be as simple or complicated as you want. I love displaying them yet at Christmas.. and the "boys" are now 24-30 years old ! they oooh and aww..

Amber Rogers

During this time of the year, we love to take walks around our neighborhood at night and look at all the sights. We bundle the kids up with coats and blankets and they sit in the wagon. They also have hot chocolate and candycanes. Then we take a stroll around and oooo and ahhh at all the beautiful lights and decorations in our neighborhood. It's so much fun!

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